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Dentistry Student/Graduate Internship and Job Shadowing Program

Description of the Program:

The Dentistry Student/Graduate Internship and Job Shadowing Program is designed to provide aspiring dentistry students and recent graduates with valuable hands-on experience and exposure to the field of dentistry in Malta. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to learn by observing licensed dentists in a clinical setting, gaining insights into the daily practices, patient interactions, and essential skills required for a successful career in dentistry.


Program Highlights:

Observational Learning: Participants will shadow experienced and licensed dentists in a clinical or dental office environment. They will observe various dental procedures, patient consultations, diagnostics, and treatment planning.


Interactive Experience: Interns will have the chance to engage with dental professionals, ask questions, and participate in discussions regarding dental techniques, best practices, and patient care.


Hands-on Exposure: Depending on the Intern’s level of preparation and the clinic’s regulations, participants may have the opportunity for limited hands-on experience, such as basic dental procedures under supervision, to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.


Networking: The program offers a unique chance to build professional relationships with dentists and dental staff, potentially leading to mentorship opportunities, letters of recommendation, or future employment prospects.


Who Should Apply:

This program is open to the following individuals with a minimum B1 level of English:


  • Dentistry students currently enrolled in accredited dental programs.
  • Recent dentistry graduates seeking additional exposure and experience in a clinical setting.


Benefits for Students/Graduates:


Real-world Insight: Gain firsthand knowledge of the dental profession by observing licensed dentists, enabling you to better understand the practical aspects of dentistry.


Enhanced Skill Development: Witness and learn dental techniques, patient communication, treatment planning, and clinical procedures, which can augment your academic learning.


Networking Opportunities: Build relationships with experienced dentists and dental professionals, potentially leading to mentorship and future career opportunities.


Resume Enrichment: Include this internship/job shadowing experience on your resume to showcase your dedication to the field and practical exposure to dental practices.


Confidence Building: Gain confidence in your career choice and decision-making by seeing dentistry in action and interacting with experienced practitioners.


Professional References: Secure valuable professional references from licensed dentists who can attest to your commitment and dedication to the field.



The minimum recommended duration for the placement is of 12 weeks:


Please note that the specific structure, duration, and eligibility criteria of the program may vary depending on the participating dental institutions or clinics. Interested candidates are encouraged to inquire with their respective institutions or seek out dental practices offering such internship and job shadowing opportunities.



Once accepted, you will need to send their Curriculum Vitae together with a covering letter stating their objectives and what they would like to learn.  EasyJobBridge will make the necessary placement arrangements with the dental clinic and follow you up during your stay abroad. 





EASY School offers its students accommodation shared self-catering apartments

In view of the long term stay of the student, the offer is being made for twin shared room self-catering apartments where students will be able to live with other students and team up together in order to make arrangements for day to day living arrangements such as cooking and evening activities.

The apartments include all cooking and washing facilities and is also inclusive of water and electricity together with the services of a cleaner who will clean the apartment on a weekly basis.



  • Internship fee – Euro700 for the 12 week proposed duration (additional weeks may be added).

Additional Fees:

  • Visa support service – Euro100
  • Maltese Consular VISA registration fee – Euro130
  • Two way Airport Transfers – Euro30
  • Twin Sharing students accommodation – Euro180 per week

Students are urged to come to Malta with adequate Health Insurance cover.


Further Information:

For further information please email us on

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